RE: Q:Clean archives after apply them to standby

From: William Wagman <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 09:06:05 -0800
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If you are running RMAN on the primary RMAN will not delete archive logs on the primary if they are still needed on the standby, see Metalink note 374421.1 and other RMAN/Dataguard documentation. I believe the same is true if running RMAN on the standby but I have not tested this.

As far as removing archive logs on the standby, I just saw documentation on how to do this although I forgot to write it down and a quick search this morning didn't find it, anyone? I believe it is possible to configure RMAN to do this. It is also possible to have the OEM handle this as well. Unfortunately I don't have the documentation at my fingertips but some searching should find it.


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Subject: Q:Clean archives after apply them to standby

Hi , I'm looking for "best practice " advices from the real world.

I've a setup with Primary and standby database (unix solaris , . I want to clean the archives (from primary and standby ) which has been applied successfully  on the standby .

If anyone has an script/pl\sql which has work good for him/her . I would like to hear.

Thanks in advance .

Amihay Gonen,

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