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Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 20:33:28 +0800
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Sorry typed wrong buttom before finish the email. A few questions regarding ASM on SAN implementation, appreciate comments; 1. Is there any good paper/experience sharing about ASM on SAN/Cluster environment? Do most people use oracle CRS or 3rd party cluster software for HA failover oracle setup?
2. Say, if i have a 10TB database on SAN. With its organic growth i need to add 100gb space every other month; SInce ASM always do re-balance for every time disk add, how do you manage the re-balance effort? It won't be easy for us to add the 600gb(for 1 years growth) in one shot, but also very headache for us to add 100gb disks 6 times and let oracle do the re-balance of the 10TB db 6 times?
3. How do you manage the multipathing in solaris with HDS storage? using solaris mpxio or other software? We used to run Veritas and let veritas handle that, but with considering of moving to ASM I don't think it make sense to use veritas any longer;


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