Re: When is 11gR2 getting released?

From: Tim Gorman <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 16:02:57 -0700
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Just another perspective on all this...

When a vendor ceases fixing bugs in a product, it might then finally be considered fully tested and production-ready.  Using this perspective, 9iR2 became production-ready in July 2007, 10gR1 is scheduled to become production-ready this month (January 2009), and 10gR2 will become production-ready in July 2010.  So, "end of support" need not mean "end of product lifecycle", but rather "end of development" and the beginning of the production lifecycle.

Of course, very few shops have this perspective, as Oracle (and most software vendors) has infected the community with the idea that "end of support" means "upgrade to next version".  After all, the real revenue stream is in support and education (not licenses) and the driver for both support and education is change, not stability...

Niall Litchfield wrote:
I think my answer to that would be that any y release, where the Oracle version is x.y.nnnnn is, or should be treated as, a new release.
consider - and a bank will know
7.3 vs 7.2
8.1 vs 8.0
9.2 vs 9.0
10.2 vs 10.1
all of these *introduced* significant new features. I can see the attitude that says, wait for,  that will provide bug fixes. I can't really see why waiting for 11.2x which will provide new stuff no-one has seen, will be a safer bet.

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 9:20 PM, Vishal Gupta <> wrote:

Vishal Gupta

On 7 Jan 2009, at 22:13, "Vishal Gupta" <> wrote:

I normally tend to go by the rule that don't roll out major version to 
production in it's first release. I would rather wait for 11.2 to get 
all the teething problems of 11g to be ironed out.

I work for an investment bank and hitting a bug proves to be very 
costly. I can't wait forever/ a year fir a bug to be fixed by oracle 
support or go through a tar dance ( as tom kyte would out it) for a 
production problem which is affecting my production system right now.  
I know some would say that problem should already have been identified 
in testing phase. But most of the imtime it is not possible to test 
every bit of code against a new release for every system in the company.

Vishal Gupta

On 7 Jan 2009, at 21:58, "Martin Berger" <


> Vishal,
> Why is the release of 11gR2 of any importance to you?
> Are you waiting for a promised feature, fixed bug or similar?
> Even if I knew the release date, I'm sure it would not affect any of 
> the projects running at the moment (not even thosejust in planning 
> phase).
> br
> Martin
> Am 07.01.2009 um 21:14 schrieb Vishal Gupta:
>> Does anyone know when is oracle 11gR2 (11.2) getting released. I am 
>> sure moment that comes out 11.1 will become obsolete as was the 
>> case with 10g and 9i.
>> I asked Tom Kyte in one of key note in UKOUG 2008. He indicated it 
>> might be announced on 2009 openworld timeframe.
>> Cheers,
>> Vishal Gupta
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