RE: When is 11gR2 getting released?

From: Vishal Gupta <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 23:55:48 -0000
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Looking at Metalink Note : - 39691.1 explanation of Oracle's version numbers. I would expect lot to go wrong when first digit (Major DB release) of version number changes as opposed second digit (DB maintenance release). And normally once you have had at least 1 db maintenance release on a major database release, one could expect that all the problems introduced due to rushing the announcement of major release would be sorted out. Oracle would be under less pressure to roll out a maintenance release as opposed to Major Database release (which they might want to announce earlier to keep competitors at bay).    

Oracle9i and higher:

| | | | |_ Port Specific Maintenance Release

| | | |___ Patch Sets and Patch Set CDs

| | |_____ iAS Release

| |_______ Database Maintenance Release

|_________ Major Database Release    

Major Database Release - For example, "9" for Oracle9i and "10" for

                               Oracle 10i. 


Database Maintenance Release - This number signifies different releases of the version.

                               For example, Oracle9iDB Release 2
                               known as 9.0.2) will be designated 9.2 


iAS Releases                 - The main version number associated with
an iAS
                               release should reflect the database
version it
                               is based on in the first two digits and
                               update the 3rd digit with each full
                               release. For example, the first iAS
release to
                               use Oracle9i (9.0.1) as the underlying
                               version could be versioned 9.0.1. The
next iAS
                               release to use Oracle9i (9.0) database
will be
                               9.0.2, etc.  When iAS begins using
                               Release 2 as its underlying client and
                               the iAS version will change to 9.2.x. 


Patch Sets and Patch Set CDs - The 4th digit will no longer be associated with

                               the overall version of the patch set.
Patch sets
                               will be identified,instead, by the 3
                               database version to which they are
applied and
                               a digit that increases with every patch
                               but no more frequently. For example, the
                               patch set for the 9.0.1 database version
will be
                               called the "9.0.1 Patch Set 1". It may
                               components with version,,

                     , etc. The same rule applies to
                               monthly patch bundles.


Port Specific Maintenance Release -

                               The OS maintenance release of a software
                               on a particular OS.




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