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Just curious, what hardware are you running Linux on?


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Anyone using Oracle's version of Linux from their web site??

I've been using it for test environments for about 15 months.

There have been no issues with it.

I would not mind using it in production, but the production servers are built by the SysOps team, and the official Linux here is RH ES 4.

Essentially Oracle's linux is identical to RH - it's just recompiled source with an Oracle logo.

Unless you are going to use it in a production environment and want to get 'unbreakable' support from Oracle, I don't think it really matters if you use Oracle, RedHat, CentOs, WhiteBox or some other distribution.

Aside from logos and possible default sites for updates, they're pretty much the same thing.

I've used them all for Oracle, and they have all worked.

There's other folks on this list that have probably built a lot more of these than I have, maybe they will chime in as well.


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