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Rich, we've run into something similar with OEM 10g ( Our OMS server shares it with another DB and is an 8 x 32GB Redhat server. We've got 154 targets, of which 33 are dbs and 28 are servers (nearly all db servers).

At least once a month the OMS starts generating ORA-00600 [17059] errors and we end up having to bounce the OMS, repository, and agent on that server to stop the errors. No better resolution yet!


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Subject: Memory leak in GC

Hey all,

I'm running Grid Control on a P-IV desktop with OEL 4, 2GB RAM
and 2GB swap. I have 39 targets, with only 5 of those being Oracle DBs and
maybe 6 more hosts -- the rest is the listener, agent, beacon, etc overhead
that I have no interest in. I am generally the sole user of the console to
monitor 1 production DB.

After all of 140 days, I get an alert that swap on the OMS' server is

consumed. Sure enough, the Java slice running the OMS is taking up

of virtual. I did an emergency bounce of the OMS, even though /proc/meminfo
showed a few hundred MB of FS cache which should be available for stealing,
and all's well for now.

This reeks of familiarity and sure enough, I posted something similar 10 months ago:

Since I'm the only DBA here I'm thinking my "best" option is to <shudder>
*schedule* bounces of the OMS (probably quarterly), which peeves me to no

Anyone care to share their OMS server's RAM usage (we've got all OMS pieces
on same server)? Am I just way short on RAM here? Is there any way to troubleshoot this? Or am I stuck bouncing the OMS?

Filing an SR is not an option, given one of the two I currently have open is
approaching it's anniversary -- I don't have that kind of time.

TIA! Rich


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