Re: Rman Backup Issue

From: Jack van Zanen <>
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2009 23:36:09 +1100
Message-ID: <>

Did you use rman duplicate command or just a file based cope and create controlfile?
Does the QC database have same Name as production?
Did you register the QC database in the recovery catalog?
Which database does the TNSNAMES entry GCKP point to?


2009/1/2 Nagaraj S <>

Hi Gurus...

Good Morning. I need help on the below issue.

I did an refresh of production data to QC database. Once the refresh gets completed i can notice Production RMAN backup using QC datafile system when it gets backued up

From the PRODUCTION RMAN log below are the information

connected to target database: GCKP (DBID=20152227)

connected to recovery catalog database

allocated channel: tape1
channel tape1: sid=1257 devtype=SBT_TAPE
channel tape1: VERITAS NetBackup for Oracle - Release 5.1 (2006110403)
sent command to channel: tape1

allocated channel: tape2
channel tape2: sid=2689 devtype=SBT_TAPE
channel tape2: VERITAS NetBackup for Oracle - Release 5.1 (2006110403)
sent command to channel: tape2

Starting backup at 31-DEC-08
channel tape1: starting incremental level 0 datafile backupset
channel tape1: specifying datafile(s) in backupset
input datafile fno=00068 name=/DATA/QC/ORACLE/datafiles/data13/we_data00.dbf
input datafile fno=00101 name=/DATA/QC/ORACLE/datafiles/data09/st_data00.dbf
input datafile fno=00093 name=/DATA/QC/ORACLE/datafiles/indexes04/undo03.dbf

But /DATA/QC/ORACLE/datafiles/data13/ filesystem were present on QC Server not on production server. Please guide me if am wrong any were.

Jack van Zanen

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