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From: Goulet, Richard <>
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 11:07:51 -0500
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    You might want to create an on logon trigger that enables resumable transactions and another that catches the transaction & sends you mail which would be more proactive and informative. The following are examples that I've used:  

create or replace trigger resumable_default after suspend on database
  pragma autonomous_transaction;
  dbname varchar2(100);
  select initcap(substr(global_name,1,instr(global_name,'.')-1))   into dbname
  from global_name;
  for a in (select error_msg from dba_resumable

            where rtrim(ltrim(error_msg)) is not null) loop     utl_mail.send('<mail Address>','Resumable Transaction error on '||dbname,'Error is: '||a.error_msg);
  end loop;

rem general purpose trigger
create or replace trigger resumable_transaction_trg after logon on database
  pragma autonomous_transaction;
  execute immediate 'alter session enable resumable'; end;

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Subject: Suspended sessions in 10g


We recently upgraded a test database from to in preparation for the production upgrade tomorrow. People were testing an application and some reports. Suddenly everyone reported that their session was "frozen". Some checking in the alert log revealed that there were many suspended sessions. They reported a datafile couldn't extend. But that datafile had plenty of space. So we checked the temp tablespace which was still stored as a data file (not a true tempfile) and dictionary managed. The report session that had hogged the temp space was killed and everything quickly returned to normal.

    Has anyone seen a spurious message like this?     We have converted the temp tablespace on the test database to a locally managed tempfile, but there won't be time to replicate the situation before the production conversion.

    Our plan for production is to convert the temp tablespace to a locally managed tempfile as part of the upgrade. And create a separate temp tablespace for the report user.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?  

Dennis Williams

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