Re: Oracle 8i and 9i on same Windows server?

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 10:21:51 -0800
Message-ID: <>

On Mon, Dec 29, 2008 at 9:57 AM, SHEEHAN, JEREMY <>wrote:

> From what I remember you'll have to use a 9i client to connect to a 10g
> database. The 8i client never worked for me connecting to 10g. If you do,
> just install in different homes and you should be ok.

Oracle guarantees that all clients will always be able to connect to newer versions
of the database. I've seen that stated in an ML note or something, but can't recall
just where.

IAC, we have Oracle 7 clients connecting to 11g databases.

Works just fine.

Going the other direction however, a client will not likely be able to connect
to any database that is > 2 versions behind.

10g for instance cannot connect to a 7.x database.


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