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You need to know more about a feature before you can truly decide it's required.  

Perhaps you can tell us a bit more about your business problem, and how you intend to solve it.  

 I've seen shops where they've created materialized views on local objects. While it's allowed and there may be some valid reasons for it, often there are not. MVs are most often used to create distributed versions of data. The biggest gotcha that comes to mind is the restrictions on query sub-selects as cited in the manuals (Which I notice someone else sent a link for). The other most obvious problem is having a foolproof monitoring system to detect MV build and refresh failures.      

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Oracle 10g R2  


Anyone point me in the direction of some good reading material with respect to the above please. Looks like we may be attempting to use these for some complex aggregtations in some databases. Any gotchas/restrictions etc. would be much appreciated.  

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