RE: what is the main purpose of cloning a database.

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I had monthly Oracle Apps clones that were done on 3 environments at my last job. As long as you have a good plan for a clone, then you should be fine.

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At a prior employer I did daily exports of the metadata of all Peoplesoft databases ( Financials, HR, Student Admin ) which I could use to create a database without transaction data. Modeled after the old AUD databases. A few times that came in handy to recover code the developer failed to save to file-based projects when a development database was refreshed. No need to have a full clone for just the metadata.

At 04:44 PM 12/17/2008, Nuno Souto wrote:
>Sure is. What I'd like to see is Peoplesoft HR for example
>install all its metadata in another schema than PSMAN.
>Then it's a simple matter of cloning the schema for simple
>code checks and testing. Much better than 25000 tables...
>Unfortunately, I still have to see one single Peoplesoft
>installation - all the way to Peopletools 8.4.10 - where
>that is the case.
>Most unfortunate. But it makes for a great test of the
>backup/cloning mechanism! Can't complain. ;)


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