Re: text file with Metalink released patch info

From: Yong Huang <>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 18:27:10 -0800 (PST)
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Do you mean you want to have a single text file summarizing all patches bundled in a patch release? For instance, Note:601739.1 summarizes all bugs Patch Set fixes. Bug numbers are the same as patch numbers. So it serves the purpose. But looks like you need more detailed info, such as when it was released. Then the only way is to click the bug number and you see "Last Revision Date" for the bug, but that may not be the same as patch release date.

The Metalink team could have spent more time automating these tasks rather than making the site prettier. One important missing functionality is search in TARs (SRs). For that, I wrote a VBScript for it

If you're comfortable with this language (which is fairly easy), you can modify it to automate a real human's "ploughing and grabbing through tons of ML screens", and downloading. One you download all of them, grep the patch readme.txt on your local hard drive...

Yong Huang

> Is there a smarter way of getting a text file with patchinfo from metalink
> than ploughing and grabbing through tons of ML screens?
> I want to upload this metalink patch info into my reporting repository and
> use this for compliancy reporting, i.e. show for each database how much time
> has passed between patch release by the vendor and applying it to the
> database. And not for just one but for hundreds of databases. So I have to
> deal with multiple oracle versions times multiple platforms times last four
> years of patch history. That's a lot of patches.
> Grid control has a link to oracle metalink and is able to download some of
> the info I need. I will explore that too.
> Rgd,
> Andre

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