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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 16:00:17 -0500
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If by lockup you mean hang of the Oracle database and not the entire server then besides the system state dump Mark mentioned I would take a hang analyze dump:

oradebug setmypid
oradebug unlimit
oradebug hanganalyze 3
select 'Wait 1 minute then repeat hang cmd' from dual; oradebug tracefile_name



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Hi Howard,

You could set SQL tracing at the instance level, but that's probably almost certainly NOT what you want to do.

Most likely, when the lockup happens, you'll want to take a system state dump, wait a few minutes, and take another one.

Oracle support will be able to use the two dumps to determine if the system is REALLY locking up, or if it's just running really slowly. They'll look at the two dumps and see if they look the same. If the system state changed between the two dumps, then it's not a lockup, just a severe performance problem. The trouble shooting approaches could be significantly different.

Other things to consider are, what's CPU usage look like on the box? Is it pegged at 100%? Is it practically at 0%? This will reveal something about the nature of the lockup, i.e., is the system spinning? Or sitting blocked on a lock somewhere?

You're probably going to need to open an SR and work w/ Oracle Support on this. I my estimation, diagnosing a lockup without Oracle support is going to be tough.

Hope that helps,



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Database Version 11G
Anyone know of a parameter to set maximum activity logging to a trace level at instance
level- We are trying to diagnose a lockup on a Redhat box.


Howard A. Latham


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