RE: oracle account in /etc/passwd

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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 11:53:34 -0600
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IIRC, it means that your password file is shadowed by your system administrator.  

HTH, Bambi.  

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Subject: oracle account in /etc/passwd    

I am having trouble getting my scripts to login and run against a 10g database on solaris 8.  

I can login from the cmd prompt as sysdba all day long.  

this is the only entry in /etc/passwd that refers to oracle:  

(oracle) $ more /etc/passwd

In /etc/group I see no entries for dba and oinstall. Oracle and oinstall are the software installers and owners.  

Again I can login to sql*plus as sysdba with no problem.    

What does the +oracle entry mean in /etc/passwd?  

Is it authenticating from some other mechanism?    


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