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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 10:27:34 -0700
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How are you trying to run the scripts? Cron? If so, you will need to source your .whatever (.profile, .cshrc, .kshrc, etc) as part of the script you are running. Or the script that sets up your Oracle environment. Here's a link that speaks to this: nt.html  


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Subject: oracle account in /etc/passwd  

I am having trouble getting my scripts to login and run against a 10g database on solaris 8.  

I can login from the cmd prompt as sysdba all day long.  

this is the only entry in /etc/passwd that refers to oracle:  

(oracle) $ more /etc/passwd

In /etc/group I see no entries for dba and oinstall. Oracle and oinstall are the software installers and owners.  

Again I can login to sql*plus as sysdba with no problem.    

What does the +oracle entry mean in /etc/passwd?  

Is it authenticating from some other mechanism?    


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