RE: How would you layout the files?

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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 15:48:33 -0700
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Personally, I would auto-delete myself and go with RAID5. We are all know it's not ideal but given the situation I'd say it's better "nothing". It doesn't sound like you're talking about a terribly busy database so the performance impact might be worth it. Do you at least have the luxury of testing different configurations? Hopefully, the client would at least understand that. I wouldn't get so focused on performance in this scenario that you don't use any of the storage tools/options/whatevers available. After all, oracle databases do run on RAID5, you know. But I would be sure to stick a controlfile copy on the OS disks!  

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I would say you are back to the old fashioned options. Dont raid the remaining drives, you dont have enough drives for that. Mirror the redo, control files, and archive logs, then distrbute everything else the best you can. Put the undo on drive that otherwise has very little activity

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        Say you have a client that for political reasons only bought 1 single server with 6 internal disks (the first 2 of which are RAID-1'd for the OS). Because you cannot apply any reasonable sense that the client should really look for better server/storage options (i.e., change the client's mind), how would you install Oracle 10g Enterprise Release 2? The underlying OS is Windows 2003 Enterprise Server 64-bit and the hardware is Dell PowerEdge 2950 with 8GB RAM. The disks are 15K 160GB disks. The actual db size is 100GB with about 100 end users and a peak redo rate of less than 100K/second. Again, you cannot tell the client to purchase new storage or a better server. So working with what

you have, how would you RAID the remaining disks and layout the Oracle
binaries, controlfiles, redo logs, archive logs (yes, archiving will be
enabled), and datafiles?  RAID options to RAID-10 are available. Emails
offering RAID-5 solutions will be auto-deleted. :)
	Looking forward to the discussion,

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