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From: Sebastião Carlos <>
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2008 08:27:41 -0200
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To understanding my question see the details of the environment:

Production Site:
- Database Server IBM - P590 - AIX 5.3

  • Storage IBM DS4800
  • Filesystem - JFS2
  • Cluster IBM HACMP

Standby Site:
- Database Server IBM - P570 - AIX 5.3

  • Storage IBM DS4700
  • Filesystem - JFS2
  • Cluster IBM HACMP

The applications (ERP, CRM, etc.) access the instances of database on Production Site.
If I have any fault on hardware/software of P590 or in DS4800 storage the HACMP migrates
all environment of database for the Standby Site. Logically in this scenario, case occurs
a failure on hardware/software, will unavailability of database for a few minutes until what
this instance is started in Standby Site.

For this to work exists between the filesystem used for instance a mechanism to mirror
designed in AIX/HACMP that replicates the modified data in filesystems of DS4800 to DS4700.
Of course, the same filesystem structure exists in a production site and standby site.
My big problem is that this solution is not able to replicate raw devices.

I plan to put the instance in ASM. In a short period of time want to use RAC to use the ability
processing of the P570.

Now my question is: If my ASM diskgroups are created in the DS4800 with normal
reduncandy and the fail group is set for the DS4700 at the time of unavailability
of the storage DS4800 I could start the instance of database from fail group in
DS4700 storage?

To recover the DS4800 could migrate database to DS4700 from DS4800?

Sebastião Carlos Santos
Oracle Database Administrator - DBA
Oracle Certified Professional - OCP 8i, 9i e 10g

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