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From: John D Parker <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 12:54:35 -0800 (PST)
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How interesting, I was just struggling thru this for the Nth time again last night. Collecting data (only my favorite information), munging it into the "proper" format, producing charts and then viewing the charts all in an automated/semi automated fashion. The first time I did this, bstat/estat was still in vogue. I used perl to pull the valuable pieces out of hourly reports combining the results of several days(month) together and then produce a script that would run in gnuplot. gnuplot would then produce png files viewable in a web browser. I've tried to improve this by reproducing it in Java but my brain just does not do Java. So then I tried PHP and it does a pretty good job of producing the charts in a web viewable form. You still have to get the data out of the database and get it to the machine that runs the PHP (central collection point). Last night I was again looking at this to graphically display ASH/AWR data of my choosing. I'm still  favoring perl but it doesn't inherently do graphics. There are pieces that feed gnuplot or even TK. TK does nice graphs but does not produce printable graphic output that I can find. Gnuplot can product nice small PNG files but then I have to feed them to something to build web pages. I guess this is why we all pay good money for tools that already do this. Currently, I'm leaning toward the perl module Chart::Graph that links perl with gnuplot. We'll see where that goes. Unfortunately, I've never been able to focus on this for a long enough period of time to build a robust and flexible enough framework so that I don't have to recode for each collection that I dream up.

<deep breath>

I'd love to continue this discussion, as displaying graphical trends of all this performance stuff we gather is one of my main personal pursuits.

John Parker
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Hi Nuno , we have been doing that copy/paste to excel manually so long ..... It is painful and takes time .... so we would like to automate it as far as possible ....

Copy/Paste isn't really necessary.

At the very least you can easily use sqlplus to dump data to CSV files, which can be opened directly in excel.

You can also use Perl with the DBI, DBD::Oracle and Spreadsheet::WriteExcel modules, and create excel spreadsheets directly from data.

There's also a PL/SQL module (commercial, google for it) that can be used to directly create Excel files.

Jared Still
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