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From: Hand, Michael T <>
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 11:27:30 -0500
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To second Jared,
Moving segments from standard DMT tablespaces to dedicated LMT's is straight forward. The BR utilities use the DBMS_* procedures, and make the changes to underlying data classes to keep SAP happy. If you want to skip the BR tools, tx SE12 allows you to change the technical setting.  

While our SAP DB is about 1/3rd your size, I've been moving tables out of BTABD, STABD and others over the years. We have about a 40/60 ratio of LMT to DMT and at this point I can't justify further moves.  

Mike Hand

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                    We thought about DBMS_REDEFINITION (or the legacy alter table move), however that would imply creating new tablespaces, and since the rdbms server a SAP aplication, creating new tablespaces is a bit of a headache, and moving objects arround is even worse. So basically we need to have the same structure on another server, move the tbs to locally and still have the db synchronized.                 

        What exactly is it about SAP that is causing a problem with creating new tablespaces?         

        There is a transaction available that allows changing the tablespace name for a table/index IIRC.

        (don't know the trans number, and I don't bring SAP stuff home :)

        That could probably be executed with ABAP code.         

        My own experience with SAP would lead me to think that the real problem

        lies somewhere in the BASIS team...         


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