Re: Is there a way to append spool files?

From: Pete Finnigan <>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2008 10:48:35 +0000
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Thanks everyone,

so from 10gR2 we can use "append" for earlier, 9iR2 or 10gR1 we would have to use a pipe or use copy/cat as I first thought. The guy who asked me the question is on 9iR2, so whilst the append sounds great, its not going to work for him (yet).



Nigel Thomas wrote:
> If you for any reason you need to do this on an earlier version - and you're
> running a *nix, you can always set up a pipe.
> I don't have a handy server to test on (Windows environment on current
> site), but its something like:
> mknod p mypipe
> cat mypipe >mylogfile &
> sqlplus u/p
> spool mypipe
> logged stuff
> spool off
> non-logged stuff
> spool mypipe
> more logged stuff
> spool off
> exit
> The pipeline will stay open - but you can kill the cat once you are done.
> (No, it's a piece of software in the background, not a cuddly furry animal).
> Regards Nigel


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