Re: Should there only be 1 OS, or multiple?

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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 20:59:20 +0000
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I suspect even you would concede that this argument only applies to the server environment - I disagree there as well as it happens - on the desktop pretty much everything but windows is irrelevant, on mobile devices there are only a couple of real players. I guess you could summarize what I am saying by saying that in distinct markets there tend to be distinct kings of the pile, and for good reason.

As to the server environment, it seems to me that the choices most people will be making over the next say 5 years will be between Linux and Windows, since most people will be looking for application servers, web servers and the like. Take for example which
is a year or so old, but I'm not sure I'd count someone with 2/3rd of the servers shipped as an irrelevant side show.

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> John,
> There is only one OS of any real consequence, Unix. Sure there are a
> pile of different flavors from HP, IBM, Linux, Sun, etc....., but at the
> core their all the same. Windows is one of those sideshows that just
> doesn't seem to understand how irrelevant it is.
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