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From: John Bossert <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 10:15:12 -0800
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I'm supporting two environments, Integration and Production. Typically, our client services folks implement a "configuration" (set of records in a set of tables) in Integration, perform their acceptance tests and then
"migrate" the configuration to Production. Migration, however, largely
consists of manually re-typing the information. Obviously, this results in a lot of duplicated effort and potential errors due to fat fingering the keyboard...  

I'm looking for some sort of ETL tool that would allow me to 1) extract a set of records from Integration; 2) put them in some sort of
"scratchpad" area where they can be reviewed/modified by an analyst (not
a database person, ergo XML or the like would be a win); and then 3) load the modified scratchpad into production.  

Many of the tables' primary keys are sequence-based, so there would also need to be a means of mapping the PKs on Integration records to the PKs in Production (retained, so a once-mapped PK doesn't need to be remapped for each migration). And, there needs to be a way to identify/skip previously migrated (parent) records.  

Additionally, the customer would like to be able to "clone" existing configurations, modify, and import back into the same environment.  

Are there any (preferably open source or low-cost) tools that would support this kind of process? All comments/suggestions/pointers welcomed.  


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