Re: Any-one know how to eliminate PLANNED downtime with Oracle RAC?

From: Carel-Jan Engel <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 18:27:38 +0100
Message-Id: <>

Nor RAC, Nor Data Guard, Nor the combination of both (named MAA by Oracle, Maximum Availability Architecture) would provide you the solution. Despite any effort to redefine the meaning of 'Rolling Upgrades', the Oracle RDBMS still does not support them. The fact is that, although many people believe/think/hope otherwise, High Availabilty is not a boxed device that you mailorder and have delivered to your data center by FedEx. It is something that you have to engineer carefully, taking the whole stack, and I mean the WHOLE STACK, including the application, into account.

I have two customers running such stuff. One using it for some years, the other started rolling out. A third is considering the approach. In October, at MOOW (Miracle Oralce Open World) in Denmark I presented the first preliminary version of my TAA (True Availability Architecture), based on this approach.

Some mishap regarding my health prevented me from working on a paper regarding TAA for the last couple of weeks. This is also why I'm so silent here. I went through two accidents, a month after recovery from the first, the second happened. However, this is a question I cannot let go by. I'm not explaining the concept here and now. That takes too much effort. The fact is that the approach, even when using SE or SE1(!!), can provide 100% uptime, surviving Oracle major upgrades, HW replacements, OS upgrades, OS changes, platform changes, whatever you want.

It is not a plug in. The application design/development is involved. But that is how it is, the famous triangle. You want high quality, you want it fast, you want it cheap? Pick any two criteria. The other will be violated, fiercely violated.

It will take a couple of weeks before I'm recovered enough, I'm afraid. In the meantime, you can contact me directly, I can send you some global descriptions.

Best regards,

Carel-Jan Engel

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On Mon, 2008-11-24 at 16:25 +0000, Fahrenfort, Keith (HP Shared Solutions Architect for Oracle) wrote:
> Hi, I'm working with a customer running a critical web site on a 10gR2
> RAC backend DB - they support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous
> connections at the "quietest" time.
> They have expressed a desire for NO downtime during ANY changes to
> Oracle, particularly the application of Oracle patches and Oracle
> upgrades (both minor and major), etc.
> Any thoughts? Who's "been there done that"?
> Thanks! Regards!
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