Re: Transfer Data to another tablespace with different name

From: Martin Berger <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 21:22:52 +0100
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you want to make a copy, but preserve foreign keys. And I assume, you also want to preserve the table-name?
Which one should be the one which serves the Foreign Keys?

You also cannot have the same object twice within the same schema.

There might be methods how to keep the same data in two tables within the same schema; I would start checking streams or Replication.

If you want to make a copy of the tablespace, check maybe this will bring some inspiration ;-)

but first, please make sure what your demand is.

best regards,

Martin Berger  

> I want to keep the original copy intact.. I want to make a copy of
> the tablespace..
> You can always use move command to put data into another tablespace
> and then rename the objects
> ________________________________
> How can I transfer data from a tablespace in one db to another
> tablespace in the same db?
> I have Foreign Key and Sequence objects:
> - Apparently when you use IMP and you already have the structure in
> the destination tablespace created, tables are not imported in the
> right sequence in which the FK - PK relationships are respected and
> you end up with a lot of Key violation errors. It imports the tables
> that have FK objects and since it can not find the PK related to the
> FK, it doesn't import the row and raise an error.
> - Sequences should keep their last used values.
> Does anyone have a comprehensice sholution that covers everything?
> I'm using 10g R2.


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