Re: strange sqlplus and oracle connection issues

From: David Ballester <>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 17:14:51 +0100
Message-ID: <>

2008/11/20 Dba DBA <>

> Windows Server 2003
> Oracle Standard
> Development use. No support. So no patches... can't do anything about it.
> I have an enterprise edition installed with a newer patch set on another
> server, but i have not moved data over to it yet. They build stuff for other
> people and the customers have the production support, etc...
> 1. I am trying to describe tables and it hangs on the describe
> 2. I try to describe a large 10gb table and i get an "end of file
> communication" and i lose connection
> 3. I try to query this 10gb table which I was able to do 3 days ago and get
> the first 5 rows and it hangs and runs for 1 hour before I kill it. The
> table should not be fragmented. I have not touched it since the last time I
> looked at it
> 4. I can get the describe to work on #1 if i run it directly from the
> server.
> any idea where I can look on this?

listener.log and alertlog

seems networking problems, but who lnows


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