Re: Simulating network hang

From: Rich Jesse <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 14:14:39 -0600 (CST)
Message-ID: <>

I was thinking of a DoS-type attack on the local eth0 (as opposed to lo) with that loop. Perhaps a multi-threaded ping (ICMP) flood? I see that the version of Perl included with an Oracle 10gR2 install seems to include threading capabilities (didn't test it) as well as Net::Ping.

A quick Google shows this might be a good starting place for that approach:

If I had a segregated network, I'd love to try this theory. As I don't and I also value my current employment status, I'm not going to test it.



> does writing a tight cpu expensive loop in C do it for you? I'd expect it to
> :)

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