SQL Tuning Case .... Basic Qs ?

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 01:48:13 +0530
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What standard best practices may be followed to Tune (Minimize the CPU Consumption) of the below SQL having 2 OR conditions? NOTE - All Tables are relatively small in size i.e. upto 1 GB (NON-partitioned)

Fields which are part of the OR Conditions i.e. bo16_opportunities.assigneduserid, bo16_opportunities.salesownerid may have some NULL Values. Qs Is breaking the single SQL into 3 separate SQLs & hence removing the OR statements Advisable? .. (the Outputs of these 3 break-down SQLs can later be merged at the Application level,) Qs How can the Nulls (which would seemingly prevent index scan, if Null input value is passed) issue be overcome? Qs Will partitioning help?
Other ideas pls?

Config - Oracle 10gR2 (NON-RAC) on HP-UX

Bad SQL:-

SELECT bo24_sales.applcreationdate, ...
  FROM opportunities bo16_opportunities,

       opportunity_products bo16_opportunity_products,
       products bo21_products,
       sales bo24_sales
 WHERE bo16_opportunity_products.productid = bo21_products.productid
   AND bo16_opportunities.opportunityid = bo16_opportunity_products.jobid(+)
   AND bo16_opportunities.opportunityid = bo24_sales.opportunityid(+)
   AND bo16_opportunity_products.bank_id = bo21_products.bank_id
   AND bo16_opportunities.bank_id = bo16_opportunity_products.bank_id(+)    AND bo16_opportunities.bank_id = bo24_sales.bank_id(+)    AND (( ( ( (bo16_opportunities.mergedwith IS NULL)
                   AND (bo16_opportunities.status IN (:"SYS_B_11", :"SYS_B_12"))
              AND ((   (bo16_opportunities.owneruserid = :"SYS_B_13")
                    OR (   (bo16_opportunities.assigneduserid = :"SYS_B_14")
                       OR (bo16_opportunities.salesownerid = :"SYS_B_15")
                       )                   )                  )             )
         AND (ROWNUM <= :"SYS_B_16")
         AND bo16_opportunities.bank_id = :"SYS_B_17") )

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