Re: performance impact of archivelog

From: David Ballester <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 10:57:54 +0100
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El lun, 17-11-2008 a las 14:44 -0800, Greg Rahn escribió:

> And I personally would never run a production database in noarchive
> log mode. Never.

Hi Greg:

I can understand your opinion about the archive log mode on production databases, but in very special situations - for example a datawarehouse with 20 TB of data aprox. renewing a lot of data each hour and 24X7, is very difficult to maintain a backup in the Oracle standard mode ( hot backup with rman with archive log mode on ). No window to backup all data, the nologging inserts making a lot of unrecoverable points... we are talking about tablespaces of 360GB, who can backup it at reasonable speed? - I think that in very special cases - other example that comes to my mind, a instance used as application cache or very volatile data - the database could be in noarchivelog mode but after a carefully study, of course. I'm with you, but I say 'For the 99,9% of production databases I would never run it in noarchive log mode' :)

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