Re: How to migate OCRs and VDs to different storage device

From: K Gopalakrishnan <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 11:40:47 -0800
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Look for ocrconfig/crsctl commands .. It is simple (and online if you are 11g and need to shutdown the clusterware otherwise) . You didn't say the version. So I am bit careful here and assume it is 10g Here are the steps..

Shutdown the clusterware..

For OCR migration

#ocrconfig -replace ocr <new_location>
#ocrconfig - replace ocrmirror <newlocation>

For Votedisk

#crsctl query css votedisk
<get the votedisks>

#crsctl delete css votedisk <first votedisk> #crsctl add css votedisk <first_new_vote_disk>

Repeat the steps.

Check the clusterware admin guide or metalink for exact syntax. But the steps are similar to the above.


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K Gopalakrishnan
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On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 11:19 AM, jayaraj rengarajan <> wrote:
> List Members:
> In one of our 3 nodes RAC cluster (currently pre-production/QA), we are
> having OCRs and VDs in EMC Clariaon disk partitions as follows
> /dev/raw/raw1(VD)
> /dev/raw/raw2(VD)
> /dev/raw/raw3(VD)
> /dev/raw/raw5(OCR)
> /dev/raw/raw6(OCR)
> We need to migrate EMC Clarion to Symmetrix storage.
> Migration of ASM Disks could be achieved by Adding (new disks) and Dropping
> (old disks) process.
> Would appreciate any advice/procedures in migrating OCR and VDs.
> Regards,
> Jay

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