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From: Mark W. Farnham <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 06:02:24 -0500
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I'd *guess* that Prabhu means, not ten thousand two hundred four. ;)  

As for growth in archive log size, that can be for a lot of different reasons. The simplest explanation is increased insert and update load. If you do not believe it is from increased load then the likely suspects are things like turning on replication or dataguard so that everything has to be logged or someone changing an etl or similar jobs so that it no longer uses direct paths, or breaking up a monolith that previously used global temp into a phased job that now relys in an interim table that must logged. As for the size of individual arch sizes, that is either an increase in logged changes per unit time or an increase in the length of time for an artificial switch. I would be more concerned about the rate of redo per unit time overall than the size of the arch files.  

I suppose the other thing that you should check is the 'drain' rate. That is, if you're shoveling the arch files somewhere so you can delete them, has something slowed that process down?  

Good luck, and please don't consider my laundry list above an attempt to be comprehensive. Those are just examples of things that *might* tend to cause the change you have reported.  


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Something's is not right here. 10204 instances - that's fat-fetched.    

G. Nizar A. Baig  

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Subject: Arch log files sizes  


We are running 10204 instances, recently the arch log destination got filled up 100% and we noticed few arch logs files sizes are varying, the sizes are twice larger than the average file size, archive_lag_target is set to 0. Can anyone please throw more insight on this.  


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