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From: Wolfgang Breitling <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 06:18:57 -0700
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Thanks, Nigel

you have no idea how often and long I looked at that and never saw it. That, of course explains it. Now I have to find the flaw in the process that builds f00_tmp.

At 02:21 AM 11/10/2008, Nigel Thomas wrote:
>All your rows have the same column values except for the amtN
>columns, the PD column and the two (currency?) columns which appear
>to be C14 and C15, and C13 (with values B and U). By the way, the PD
>and FY columns appear to be reversed (surely FY would be 2008 and PD
>would be 1 to 4).
>In foo_tmp you have one set of 12 rows for C13='B' (4 values for PD
>* 3 currency combinations) but you have two sets of 12 rows for C13
>= 'U' - making 24 rows compared to the 12 rows for C13='PD'.
>So naturally given 2 rows in the input for each distinct tuple in
>foo_tmp you get 2 rows in the output... or am I missing something
>And they are sorted (what was the plan - a sort merge?) so like rows
>are shown together (rather than being in the order shown for foo_tmp)
>Regards Nigel
>2008/11/10 Wolfgang Breitling
>Can someone show me the errors of my way, please.


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