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Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 09:30:49 -0600
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Nearly every tool available as these same limitations. TOAD is as good as any that I have seen. I don't think there are many tools that will compare two schemas like this and give you the DDL to make them the same. OEM 9i used to do it, but 10g EM doesn't (go figure).

I have never been able to run the DDL right out of the box, however. I always just use it as a shortcut to make it quicker to make the scripts myself.


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The dba module in Toad is very good I've been using it for years.

On 06/11/2008, Mary Elizabeth McNeely <> wrote:
> Good afternoon, all,
> I seek your opinions/experiences about tools that can compare two
> Oracle schemas (or the same schema on two databases) and make a report
> of the differences. Ideally, it would also create the SQL needed to
> resolve those
> differences: create indexes (or indices, if you will), add columns,
> recreate views, etc.
> I know TOAD has such a tool, but it's proven ineffective for us, as it
> generates many false positives, especially when one schema is an
> imported copy of the other - that makes for subtle
> capitalization/double quote differences in stored SQL, plus other
> troubles. Physical clones don't have these differences, but we mainly
> want to compare imported schemas for divergence from their parent schemas.
> Thanks in advance for whatever advice you have to offer.
> Kind regards,
> Mary Elizabeth McNeely
> Purveyor of Trouble
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Howard A. Latham


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