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We also had a customer ask about it. It's sold as an optional feature with Oracle DW and BI, but involves a really careful data design.  

In current business terms, a temporal database model would give financial analysts time period trend analysis for any number of P&L items, in the example I was presented.  

Wish I could refer you to a particular example, but it gave me a pretty good-sized headache, as I recall.  

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I think that temporal data is a data warehousing concept, not related to any particular database brand, although a sales person might make an argument that their database handled it better than the competitors.  

Any advantage would probably be somewhere in the analytic features rather than in the administration features.  


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Thanks, though I must admit the particular examples you give seem to appear in OLTP databases all the time. :)

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Temporal databases are time enabled databases. This does have overlap to Oracle flashback query but it is mostly used in data warehouse reference where database has columns like effective_start_date, effective_end_date so that snapshot as of certain point in time can be constructed.  


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Nope, not a Star Trek - Voyager reference though it sounds like one, but something that our CEO was asked about by a customer. I have to confess to never having heard the term. Other than FlashBack Query/Data Archive has anyone any experience/understanding of this term as it relates to Oracle?


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