Unable to start srvctl on RAC Nodes

From: Ashwin <ashdbablog_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 11:37:22 -0800
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I performed the following steps: -

Installed CRS, ASM and DB (all three are in seperate homes)
- Verified that CRS and ASM are up and running on both nodes

  • Upgraded to on all homes
  • Verified that CRS and ASM are up and running on both nodes
  • Made the 10g DB home non-rac on node 1
  • Upgraded the 9i database ( to using Note: 316889.1
  • Converted the upgraded database to ASM using RMAN
  • Made the 10g DB home rac enabled on node 1
  • Followed section 3.8 in ML Note: 361235.1
  • NETCA failed so deleted the listeners running out of ASM home
  • Recreated listeners both local and remote
  • Ran rconfig in verify only mode (it succeeded)
  • Ran rconfig and it failed on listener execution Both the rac instances are up and running but not registered with CRS.

[orasup_at_ustorldbs01 ~]$ srvctl config
[orasup_at_ustorldbs01 ~]$ srvctl config database -d SID PRKR-1001 : cluster database SID does not exist PRKO-2005 : Application error: Failure in getting Cluster Database Configuration for SID

when i set SRVM_TRACE=TRUE

i get the following error: -

[main] [10:47:1:470] [RawDeviceConfig.getConfiguration:203] throwing rawdeviceexception: PRKR-1078 : Database SID cannot be administered using current version of srvctl
O/S is RHEL 5.1 64-bit

I deregistered the service from CRS for both the instances and can re-register the instances but not the database Right now i have logged an SR.

Any suggestions please?


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