AQ Notification Callback -- Some Questions

From: Sriram Kumar <>
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2008 22:23:28 +0530
Message-ID: <>


We are doing some proof of concept testing on AQ notification callback.

Our scenario is that there would be having 2 queues

Queue A -- Single Consumer High Priority Messages Queue B -- Single Consumer Low Priority Messages.

We have configured PL/SQL callbacks for both these queues. My question can we configure/control the notification callback concurrency for each of these separately?. i.e. I need to configure Queue A to be with a maximum notification concurrency of X ( concurrency here means parallel callbacks for dequeue) and that of Queue B to be maximum notification concurrency of X/4 (say). If it had been a classical MDB callback then I can control max beans property of each of the MDB's to this effect. Any insight would be appriciated.

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Sriram Kumar

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