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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2008 12:54:13 -0500
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If, as you wrote, you are merely recovering, there should be no problem.  

However, if you have lost your datafiles and you are actually restoring and then recovering, and in particular if you lost the new datafile, you'll need to recreate it and make sure it is where it is expected to be. Look up the exact procedure, command, and syntax in your exact release level to create an empty datafile. For example in 11gR1 look at alter database create_datafile_clause.  

Take home lesson: If you add a data file, the simplest way to avoid future trouble is to immediately back up the tablespace it is part of and also back up the controlfile both through RMAN and to trace. (Or if you're not using RMAN, in binary to a file system file and to trace.) But if you indeed have all the redo to apply, lacking the datafile is not "game over" regardless of what the usually infallible TK said at OOW.  



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There is a full online backup taken for an instance and later we added a datafile for a data tablespace, which is not captured on the rman backup yet. Before another backup schedule, the database crashed, and we're in the process of recoverying the database. Now is there will be a problem during recoverying the datafile which is not backed up. Please advice.  


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