Re: Write cache for a SAN

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 13:49:51 -0700
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On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 12:29 PM, Bobak, Mark <>wrote:

> This really is the exception, though, and not the rule. I don't think
> disabling write caching is the right move. Ultimately, at some point, you
> have to have some faith in the hardware you've got and the people you work
> with.

I personally know of several instances of such things that make this type of

thing much less an exception, and more of a rule.

You may have seen that I did not recommend disabling write cache.

My recommendation is to make sure the tech on site knows what he is doing.

How do you do that?

Get the same instructions he is supposed to be following, and make sure that he does indeed follow them.

I don't doubt the technology works.

The problem is often the nut on the other end of the wrench.

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