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From: Hemant K Chitale <>
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2008 12:28:59 +0800
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What is bad is that :
The site owner doesn't bother to respond to comments

What is scary is that
You do find DBAs (even, unfortunately in large organisations and amongst "IT Consultants") who take such blog postings as more reliable than (heck, on we come across DBAs who haven't heard of Oracle Documentation being available online !)


At 06:15 AM Saturday, Stephane Faroult wrote:
>My friend Michel Cadot sent the following URL to me today:
>I find it quite appropriate for Halloween ("tips or tricks").
>To beginners on the list: DON'T FOLLOW THESE "TIPS".
>Stephane Faroult
>RoughSea Ltd <>

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