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If you want to know if the snapshot is running at the present time:

The view DBA_JOBS_RUNNING on the target system will have a row in it corresponding to the value in the JOB column for this snapshot in DBA_JOBS. If you're concerned about the job running during the upgrade, and how to handle such things in general, this is covered in the upgrade steps for both 9i and 10g releases, and is something that needs to be followed pretty precisely, or the job may not run correctly after an upgrade. Please make a point to review these steps and detail.

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Check out dba_snapshot_refresh_times on the target. Or check the last_date in dba_jobs

On 10/31/08, Joe Smith <> wrote:
> I have 2 8i databases that I need to upgrade that I have inherited.
> There is 1 master table that is being snaphot refreshed to the second
> database.
> It is done by " refresh fast with primary key". No multiple tables or
> updating the master.
> What is the most accurate way to tell if a snapshot refresh is running?
> thanks.
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