Oracle on Windows with Active Directory

From: Bill Ferguson <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 06:26:03 -0600
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I've been meaning to research this further, but never got around to it.

I had one server that was placed in AD that gave me all kinds of grief when I was installing the software. Our AD environment (very poorly planned), ends with, yet all of our machines are only (web) addressable as When I was running the setup, Oracle always insisted that the global name end with and caused all kinds of other headaches. The easiest way I found around the problem was to take the machine out of AD and just have it in a workgroup. There were a couple of Metalink articles that provided some workarounds for an AD environment, but they were extremely time-consuming, and logging in to Oracle via SQL*Plus was still problemmatic while in AD. Trying to get tnsnaming setup so all three servers could communicate was extremely frustrating as well. Now that all three of my servers are just in a workgroup, things work smoothly (as far as possible anyway). This was the only way I could find to easily get Oracle not to use the convention, but use the naming instead.

How do others on this list running Windows Servers in Active Directory, handle installing and running Oracle software?


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