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From: Stephane Faroult <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2008 16:29:11 +0100
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  No, you can't remove the condition. You have attrl as a user attribute, as well as an "org" (group, presumably) attribute. I wouldn' have designed like this but basically the condition says "the user has this characteristic or s/he belongs to a group that has this characteristic". Something akin to "the user has this privilege or has a role that has this privilege".


S Faroult


On Mar Oct 28 15:57 , amonte sent:


I have the following query for an Identity Management Tool:

SELECT   userobj.ID, NAME, summary
    FROM userobj
   WHERE userobj.NAME LIKE 'A%'
     AND userobj.ID IN (
            SELECT ID
              FROM userattr
             WHERE (   attr1 IN ('#ID#TOP')
                    OR attr1 IN (
        & nbsp;                 SELECT ID
                            FROM orgattr
                           WHERE orgattr.attrname = 'CONTAINEDBYOBJECTGROUP'
                             AND attrval IN ('#I D#TOP'))
ORDER BY userobj.ID

select table_name, num_rows, last_analyzed from dba_tables where table_name in

TABLE_NAME                        NUM_ROWS LAST_ANAL
------------------------------ ---------- ---------
USERATTR                          1851675 20-OCT-08
USEROBJ                             64972 20-OCT-08
ORGATTR            & nbsp;                 2251 20-OCT-08

I am having difficulty understanding the query, for example the condition " attr1 IN ('#ID#TOP') " can it be taken out to the outer query and not used in the subquery?



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