Re: audit_trail question 9.2/10.2

From: Jared Still <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 18:56:12 -0700
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Settiing audit_trail simply directs where audit records are sent. Setting it does not cause any audit records to be written.

An exception to that might be if the audit command was used prior to setting audit_trail, in which case auditing will start working when the new setting takes effect.

Check the 11g docs - there is a security guide with a lot of info on this.

On 10/27/08, Newman, Christopher <> wrote:
> If using a pfile, what goes in sys.aud$ when audit_trail is set to DB?
> We ran into a scenario where we want to change auditing on a DB, but the
> pfile has audit_trail=NONE, hence we have to bounce. I think if we set
> it to DB across the enterprise, we can turn auditing on and off at will
> via the 'AUDIT XXX' command. Does setting this parm to DB have any
> effect other than allowing you to turn auditing on and off, and
> directing the audited information to sys.aud$? Does simply setting it
> to 'DB' cause info to go in the sys.aud$, even if you haven't enabled
> auditing?
> Thanks- Chris
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