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9i and 10g OCP exams focus a lot in RMAN (almost twice as any other area) however I'd guesstimate that the 11g exams focus on the *new* things, like tablespace level encryption and such. In 10g you have a few questions about TDE, but encryption granularity and manageability is greatly improved in 11g. I wan to take this exam as well, what are the pre-requisites?

Is there an OCP downgrade? i.e. if I'm a 10g OCP, can I get certified as a 9i OCP? Or do I need to take the entire certification path?


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I have not taken it yet (was going to take the beta but ran out of time). I'm not surprised. Lot's different in 11g. Without giving away specific questions, what areas did you find they were asking the most questions about?


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Just curious, I just barely passed the Oracle 11g OCP upgrade exam. I found it to be ten-times more difficult than the other upgrade exams (10g, 9i, etc).

Did anyone else find it very difficult or am I just getting older......



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