Re: TNSNAMES Management

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2008 00:51:42 +1000
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Goulet, Richard wrote,on my timestamp of 21/10/2008 12:57 AM:

> I'm looking for what people use today now that Onames has become
> history. This is a multi location within and outside the US and
> managing TNSNAMES.ORA files is well a PAIN. I'm especially interested
> in anyone who has or is using TnsManager from Andrew Barry
> (_, especially with regard to
> support.

Shared Wintel drive, specific folder with tnsnames.ora. Master copy in central site, gets replicated to all the distributed file servers with this shared drive. Workstations using two-tier c/s are configured to look for tnsnames in shared drive. Three-tier app servers simply have tnsnames pushed via ftp every time a refresh is needed.

Quick and above all: much, much simpler and easier to maintain than all that OID rigmarole. Particularly in an AD environment. (Yes, I *am* aware OID can talk with ad: that is *not* the point)

Nuno Souto
in sunny Sydney, Australia
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