Re: virtual printers on 12i EBS set up

From: Cholakov, Atanas Stoianov <>
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 21:46:54 +0300
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Hi Kathy,

Yes, it's possible to setup as many printers in eBS as you need

and afterwards associate(set default printer) through profile option to every user in the system.

There is a slight problem with security. With standard functionality you can't restrict access.

This means that a end user in London for example can pick up a printer in Madrid
and print document there, sometimes this is useful unfortunately some times not, depends on the business case.

You can overcome this issue by one of the following options:     

  1. Adding a org_id column to FND_PRINTER table, create a policy procedure and force to be used implicitly
  2. Create a one batch printer and ask end users to print documents from their browser to local printers.

I hope this the answer to your question.


kathy duret wrote:
> I want to know if anyone has set up "virtual printers" with EBS suite.
> We are trying to replace our Optio system which has the ability to
> print to different printers and trays based upon the user login and
> report.
> Can this be done in EBS and if so how?
> The idea is that if someone in London prints Report A it will do to
> their printer in london tray 2, if a person in Spains prints the same
> report it will go to their printer in Spain tray 1.
> Thanks,
> Kathy
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