Re: NETCA, DBCA, and Deinstalls hanging in new 10g RAC build (Resolved)

From: Jeffery Thomas <>
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 19:53:13 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Fixed. Sort of -- in the sense we do not know why.

What we did was move the servers from the prod subnet to an unprotected test subnet to evaluate whether there was a firewall issue.

NETCA/DBCA worked fine in the test subnet, so it seemed to confirm that the firewall was the culprit.

We then moved the servers back into the prod subnet, intending to debug the firewall rules. However, NETCA/DBCA continue to behave nicely, before we began modifying any rules. So basically all we did was 'bounce' the subnet for the servers.

Scratching our heads on this. With respect to CRS, all I did was delif/setif the global interface' s subnet, which is nothing more than changing a value in the OCR.

  • Jeff

On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 1:00 PM, Jeffery Thomas <> wrote:
> On a new two-node Solaris 10 / cluster, after clusterware has
> been installed
> successfully and the cluster is formed, and after the initial install
> of binaries;
> the netca and dbca tools are hanging - refusing to display when we
> start building
> ASM/databases.
> There are no error messages, just sitting there with no GUI display occurring.
> The odd thing is that xclock/xlogo displays w/o issues, OUI runs
> without issues, and the
> binaries installs are quick and smooth.
> Then attempting to uninstall the binaries thinking to reinstall, the
> deinstaller sits there at 0%
> on the progress indicator for 15 minutes with nothing happening until
> we kill the process.
> This is our 5th 10g RAC build this year, all Solaris/ and
> there were no similar issues
> with any of those builds.
> Thanks,
> Jeff

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