APEX Issue displaying dynamic PL/SQL content

From: Bort, Guillermo <guillermo.bort_at_eds.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 12:40:41 -0500
Message-ID: <785A4E1EF4D9E745BAC909B7941BEC009BEBA8@usplm201.amer.corp.eds.com>


   I have a weird issue with APEX that I cannot put my finger on. Basically I'm generating a custom HTML with a PL/SQL procedure that needs only one variable input.  

   The page has a PL/SQL Region with the following code:  

show_rda (:P108_SERVER_ID);  

show_rda is a stored procedure defined as follows:  


BEGIN htp.p ('Server ID: ' ||server_id);

--Code to print out the RDA

END;   However in the page I only see

'Server ID: ' without actually getting the variable value.  

Now, I've tried both :P108_SERVER_ID and v('P108_SERVER_ID'), I even tried the old approach: GET_SESSION_STATE('P108_SERVER_ID') from within the PL/SQL block, but nothing seems to work. I know I'm missing something trivial here, but I'm out of ideas. I even tried changin the page's code to:  

BEGIN htp.p ('Server ID: ' ||server_id);

--Code to print out the RDA

END;   Instead of calling the stored procedure, but produced the same result.  

Any Ideas?  

Thanks in advanced.    

Guillermo Alan Bort

DBA / DBA Main Team  

EDS, an HP company


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