RE: NETCA, DBCA, and Deinstalls hanging in new 10g RAC build

From: Bort, Guillermo <>
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 12:15:33 -0500
Message-ID: <>

I've had quiet a few Solaris RAC installations failing, this is not new for me.

You could simply try to run the tools in silent mode which should work fine, or check the log ($ORACLE_HOME/cftgoollogs I think) to see the error (most likely a java error).

Also, check that you have all the system pre-requisites and rw permissions on voting and ocr files/devices. Re-run the cluster verification script with the apropriate patameters (-post db I think)

Another way to de-install everything is to delete the following:


OCR (dd if=/dev/zero of=path to OCR bs=1024 count=size of ocr device in K)

After that, re-install CRS and RDBMS. However, keep in mind that this is not windows, reinstalling the software usually doesn't solve the issue...

Also, do you have CRS started when you are trying to run netca/dbca?

HTH Guillermo Alan Bort
DBA / DBA Main Team

EDS, an HP company

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Subject: NETCA, DBCA, and Deinstalls hanging in new 10g RAC build

On a new two-node Solaris 10 / cluster, after clusterware has been installed
successfully and the cluster is formed, and after the initial install of binaries;
the netca and dbca tools are hanging - refusing to display when we start building

There are no error messages, just sitting there with no GUI display occurring.

The odd thing is that xclock/xlogo displays w/o issues, OUI runs without issues, and the
binaries installs are quick and smooth.

Then attempting to uninstall the binaries thinking to reinstall, the deinstaller sits there at 0%
on the progress indicator for 15 minutes with nothing happening until we kill the process.

This is our 5th 10g RAC build this year, all Solaris/ and there were no similar issues
with any of those builds.



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