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I am hard pressed to find enough good reasons to use ASM over cooked on a protected file system (ie: RAID) in a non-RAC environment most of the time.... However, given what I think the future of ASM might become, this might change at some point in time. Ya never know... ;-)


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Reasons for ASM that I can see. I agree with most of your negatives :).

  • Ease of file management - which is mostly OMF rather than ASM per se. (that's a disagreement!)
  • Ease of disk management - having the ability to migrate a db from one set of physical disks to another witout downtime is very, very cool.
  • On windows avoiding the whole drive letter management thing. Now against that, and in addition to Jared's points. I'd ask why consider a storage solution that only works for Oracle files (and even then not all Oracle files. I keep other files on my servers you know. Including stuff you'd expect to be there like alert.logs, cron scripts and so on.

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If you would, please share with us your reasons to avoid ASM. Based on your response, I'm guessing that the reasons might include "because that's the way I've always done it".

Personally, I don't use it as it adds more complexity to our environment.

We (by which I really me 'I') don't need to add any more complexity.

  • Additional instance for ASM
  • file management is simpler
  • storage admins have easy direct access to see what's on disk.

I'm sure there are some rebuttals to this.

Let's hear 'em!

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