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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 10:39:32 -0500
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Now against that, and in addition to Jared's points. I'd ask why consider a storage solution that only works for Oracle files (and even then not all Oracle files. I keep other files on my servers you know. Including stuff you'd expect to be there like alert.logs, cron scripts and so on.  


ASM is designed as a CLUSTER FILESYSTEM, that's why it only supports files that *need* to be shared across all nodes. Alerts, cronts, etc are instance-dependant, so you only need them in the local server. Also, if you want a 'traditional' cluster filesystem, you can always use OCFS, although I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I don't utterly hate... :P  

I've had experiences with veritas cluster filesystem not working for RAC. Really, in 10g+ ASM is the best way to go... and in 9i RAC, I'd go with raw devices instead of any cluster filesystem.  

I'm a DBA and I have little but contempt for SAs (the ones I personally know, anyway), so I don't really care that they don't like ASM... :P  

I'd like ASM to work for OCR and VOTING, but that is a contradiction by design.  


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